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The Heart of a Worshiper Inspirational Writings was written over 10 years ago and NOW available unto you! Inside this book are inspired words and heartfelt expressions to God from me. Words that will encourage and strengthen many when you are going through challenges. Words of pure love, devotion and affection to and for the God we serve. The Heart of a Worshiper inspires readers don't give up and don't give in, but know through it ALL you have VICTORY and you... are an OVERCOMER. Your DESTINY awaits Your arrival and therefore you must Keep It Moving!

Click one of the links below and PURCHASE your copy for only $10.

Give one to a friend/someone who needs encouragement or just want to experience the joy and love of God expressed throughout this wonderful book of my heartfelt thoughts, inner struggles, fear, and affections written all in poetry form!


Thank you in advance,

Chelsea L. Johnson

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